They call me Mimi. Why? Because I am just like the heroine in Puccini’s opera- her personality and love for life, flowers and all things beautiful…
And like Mimi, I am sick too…

Welcome to Opera is [Is] My Life. You can call me an opera aficionado.  Here you can find reviews, written by moi, of what’s going on out there in the land of opera.  My life is a dramatic opera because of what I am forced to go through, and sometimes I feel like going totally nuts like Lucia. But then I have my other moments where I go back to being gentle little Mimi again..

I have always wanted to be on the stage. After years of training in Bel Canto, alas my dream just couldn’t take flight. But my passion still lived on.

I would love to hear your comments, or ask me a question and let’s have a little chat!


Mimi from Michigan


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